Moonlighting: Seasons One and Two (Used DVD)

Moonlighting: Seasons One and Two (Used DVD)

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Moonlighting: Seasons One and Two

Used DVD Version

Includes 6 DVDs

Not Rated

Approximately 20 hour run time

Maddie Hayes (Cybil Shepard), a wealthy former model, discovers one morning that her business manager has stolen all the money she has in the bank. However, it turns out that she still owns some non-liquid assets -- money-losing companies which were maintained as tax write-offs -- one of which is a detective agency run by David Addison (Bruce Willis). Maddie meets with him to inform him that the company is to be shut down, but he persuades her to keep it open by convincing her that the detective agency can make money. Maddie becomes David's new boss and accompanies him on adventure after adventure. While their personalities clash, a sexual tension arises in the time they spend together. But the question always remains... will they or won't they?