Denny Zeitlin - Live At Mezzrow (CD)

Denny Zeitlin - Live At Mezzrow (CD)

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Denny Zeitlin - Live At Mezzrow

CD Version

Over the years I've had the opportunity to perform in a wide range of venues-from jazz festival stages for thousands of outdoor fans to jazz clubs with fewer than a hundred listeners. And while there is a special excitement in sharing music with a huge crowd, I find myself drawn more to the intimate settings, like Mezzrow. Spike Wilner and his staff have created a unique place for music in a long basement room in NYC's Greenwich Village. He keeps his Steinway Grand in perfect shape; the acoustics are miraculously superb; and people are really listening. During this trio gig with Buster Williams and Matt Wilson, it felt like we were all in it together-players and listeners deeply involved in the emerging music. // This CD marks our 18th year as a trio, and though we don't perform that often, due to the complexities of schedules and the demands of my psychiatric practice and teaching, the music has continued to evolve. Our two nights at Mezzrow were inspiring, and I hope you will enjoy this CD, our 5th album together.-Denny Zeitlin


  • 1 The Man I Love
  • 2 Echo of a Kiss
  • 3 I Mean You
  • 4 The Star-Crossed Lovers
  • 5 10 Bar Tune
  • 6 Dancing in the Dark
  • 7 Isfahan
  • 8 Intimacy of the Blues
  • 9 Paraphernalia