Ariel Pink - Worn Copy (LP)

Ariel Pink - Worn Copy (LP)

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Ariel Pink - Worn Copy 

LP Version

Restored from the original 2003 CD-R mixes, newly remastered

Original Ariel Pink artwork and unseen ephemera from beyond the inception of Worn Copy

Original inner notes by Simon Reynolds

Contains 2 LPs

Double vinyl LP pressing housed in widespine jacket with obi strip. Includes digital download. Ariel Archives revisits Ariel Pink's historic run of albums as Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti with a series of definitive reissues and new collections. Each new edition has been restored from the original cassette masters.


Disc 1

Side 1

- Trepanated Earth

- Immune to Emotion

- Jules Lost His Jewels

Side 2

- Artifact

- Bloody! (Bagonia's)

- Credit

- Life In L.A.

- The Drummer

Disc 2

Side 1

- Cable Access Follies

- Creepshow

- One On One

- Oblivious Peninsula

- Somewhere in Europe/Hotpink!

Side 2

- Thespian City

- Crybaby

- Foilly Foibles/GOLD

- Jagged Carnival Tours