Dave Specter - Blues From The Inside Out (LP)

Dave Specter - Blues From The Inside Out (LP)

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Dave Specter - Blues From The Inside Out

LP Version

Blues From The Inside Out is the most expressive project of Dave Specter's 35 year career. Featuring his debut as a vocalist, the album is an exciting and timely celebration of blues, soul, jazz, funk and gospel. With a guest appearance on guitar by Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna fame, who also co-wrote one of the album's 12 original tunes. These are exciting times to hear Specter, an evolving artist who embraces growth and discovery. In times when darkness and doubt may seem to hang over us, we need to remember the world is illuminated by possibilities. With this new album, Dave Specter's brilliant light shines down on us all.


  • 1 Blues from the Inside Out
  • 2 Ponchatoula Way
  • 3 March Through the Darkness
  • 4 Sanctifunkious
  • 5 How Low Can One Man Go?
  • 6 Asking for a Friend
  • 7 The Blues Ain't Nothin'
  • 8 Wave's Gonna Come