Oozelles - Oozelles, Clear Coke Vinyl (LP)

Oozelles - Oozelles, Clear Coke Vinyl (LP)

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Oozelles - Oozelles

LP Version

Coke Bottle Clear Color Vinyl

Los Angeles-based outfit Oozelles (pronounced: oo-ZELZ), who made their debut last year with a seven inch on Third Man Records, are back with their first full length album. The group features members and ex-members of Warpaint, Starlite Desperation, Dante Vs Zombies, Sex Stains, Detroit Cobras, and many others. They describe their unique, eclectic, weirdo punk sound as "a stickier, sub tropical Birthday Party, Contortions or CAN ghost writing for The Gun Club or The Flesh Eaters." The self-titled album, produced by frontman Dante White Aliano, will be available on LP, CD, and digital formats this May, via ORG Music.


  • 1 Secret Door
  • 2 Fangs
  • 3 Refill the Swamp
  • 4 Why Do You Eat People
  • 5 Hideous Thing
  • 6 News Theme
  • 7 East of the River
  • 8 Rickety Ship
  • 9 Arson Dolphin
  • 10 Can't Get Out
  • 11 Dots
  • 12 Cry Blood