Common - A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1 (CD)

Common - A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1 (CD)

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Common - A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1

Limited Edition "Music is medicine to the people" - Common. A Beautiful Revolution finds Common returning to his hip-hop roots. A full-length continuous listening experience, the EP features 2 interludes and 7 new songs that he refers to as "Movement Music"; music to uplift, heal & inspire listeners dealing with racial and social injustices. It's recognition. It's elevation. Includes "Don't Forget Who You Are," written/recorded for Bookmarks, Netflix's impactful new children's show produced by the Obamas.


1. (A Beautiful Revolution) Intro 

2. Fallin' 

3. Say Peace 

4. What Do You Say (Move It Baby) 

5. Courageous 

6. A Place in the World 

7. A Riot in my Mind 

8. Don't Forget Who You Are 

9. (A Beautiful Revolution) Outro