Blood On The Wall - Blood On The Wall (CD)

Blood On The Wall - Blood On The Wall (CD)

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Blood On The Wall - Blood On The Wall

CD Version

 A band started by music lovers for themselves to enjoy has instead transformed into a group that gets the whole room a rockin.They have imbibed at the levee of indie music that makes those who feel its warmth get down and start tinkering with a flood of ideas. Attitude free intelligent songs written with rhythms you can dance to and melodies you can sing along to all yours guilt free.

Whilst many a band these days have been trying to figure out how to put their leather pants on two legs at a time or how to get that I just got of bed haircut looking just right; members of Blood On the Wall have been up late, drunk as hell, talking about music, writing songs and playing their asses off. The effect this band has on the uninitiated is amazing. There has been dancing; and we mean real dancing, where all people can do is just wear this giant grin on their face and start moving; it's an amazing thing to see. When you hear Blood On The Wall's songs you can be sure you will not hear esoteric noodlings, instead they will power you up with their excitement and energy carried through. Their eponymous debut is a whirlwind of guitar crunchiness, dub motions and odd hooks that will get caught in your head like a recurring memory. This album will be played over and over again and not get tired. It is a party that rages from dusk to dawn with all the lunacy and intimate! moments that make you talk about the craziness for years afterwards and share those special moments with friends.

  1. Security in Neighborhoods
  2. When You Go Out Walking
  3. Mae Abiline
  4. Good Boys
  5. Black Rats and Top Hats
  6. On My Mouth
  7. Let’s Heal Properly
  8. It So Strange
  9. Pretty, Pretty
  10. Witches Teeth
  11. Running and Cheating
  12. Baby Likes to Holler
  13. Baby Likes to Holler (Multimedia Track)