Mad Platter


As of today, 10/7/20, The Mad Platter in Riverside will be permanently closed.  Tough decision, but COVID-19 and people’s deep concerns over it, the financial hit of being forced to close all of our stores for so many months, combined with the state of the Record Industry and physical product, have brought out the Grim Reaper for the Mad Platter and Halloween this year.  We will be focusing all of our time and energy on keeping Rhino Records & Video Paradiso vibrant and alive. Many businesses are suffering and retail, is especially being punished, in this “click and ship; USPS lost my package” new world.  A 36 year run for any store is a great one, and we would like to thank the Inland Empire for your support over these years, and we hope to see you in Claremont when you can visit. But for now, let us remember some of the great times and people at Mad Platter, and a large shout out to all of the managers and employees over the years, who are far too many to name, but you the customers knew by heart.