Chicano Batman - Invisible People (CD)

Chicano Batman - Invisible People (CD)

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Chicano Batman - Invisible People

CD Version

The LA-based quartet made up of Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arevalo, Bardo Martinez and Gabriel Villa, follow-up the critically acclaimed breakthrough Freedom Is Free with their most sonically varied and cohesive album to date. Mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Shawn Everett (Beck, Alabama Shakes) the 12-song set accentuates the group's high-spirited synthesis of Tropicalia, west coast psychedelia and late-'60s/early-'70s soul.


- Color My Life

- Blank Slate

- I Know It

- Invisible People

- Manuel's Story

- Moment of Joy

- Pink Elephant

- Polymetronomic Harmony

- The Way

- The Prophet

- Bella

- Wounds