Elton John - Elton John, Purple Vinyl (LP)

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Elton John - Elton John

2 LP edition 

Gatefold Jacket 

Purple Vinyl 

Record Store Day 2020 Release 


Side 1: 

1. Your Song 

2. I Need You to Turn To 

3. Take Me to the Pilot 

4. No Shoe Strings on Louise 

5. First Episode at Hienton 

Side 2: 

6. Sixty Years On 

7. Border Song 

8. The Greatest Discovery 

9. The Cage 

10. The King Must Die 

Side 3: 

11. Your Song (Piano Demo) 

12. I Need You to Turn To (Piano Demo) 

13. Take Me to the Pilot (Piano Demo) 

14. Sixty Years On (Piano Demo) 

15. Border Song (Piano Demo) 

16. Bad Side of the Moon (Piano Demo) 

Side 4:  

17. Thank You Mama (Piano Demo) 

18. All the Way Down to El Paso (Piano Demo) 

19. I'm Going Home 

20. Bad Side of the Moon 

21. Grey Seal 

22. Rock and Roll Madonna