Francis Lockwood - Nostalgia (CD)

Francis Lockwood - Nostalgia (CD)

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Francis Lockwood - Nostalgia

Francis Lockwood is undeniably one of the best French jazz pianists, and independently of his technique as a player, he constantly reminds you how great a musician he is.  This record first appeared in 1988, established Francis as a strong presence with a promising career as a recording artist; his rich discography includes the famous Round about Bach and Jimi's colors, both of which explore his broad palette.  Today, Francis Lockwood is a reference for many contemporary pianists.  


1. Zeca 

2. Waltz for Bill 

3. Bird Song 

4. Promenade au Zoo 

5. The Last Knight 

6. Nostalgia 

7. Two in One 

8. Vielle Ville 

9. Too Much Coffee 

10. So Tired