Jarv Is - Beyond the Pale (CD)

Jarv Is - Beyond the Pale (CD)

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Jarv Is - Beyond the Pale

CD Version

After a legendary career as the enigmatic frontman for Pulp, and a successful run of solo albums and collaborations, Jarvis Cocker debuts his first new full length album since 2009 with musical project Jarv Is' Jarv Is... an ongoing live experience because life is an ongoing live experience. THIS IS NOT A LIVE ALBUM'it's an ALIVE ALBUM.


  • 1 Save the Whale
  • 2 Must I Evolve?
  • 3 Am I Missing Something?
  • 4 House Music All Night Long
  • 5 Sometimes I Am Pharoah
  • 6 Swanky Modes
  • 7 Children of the Echo