John Prine - The Missing Years (Used CD)

John Prine - The Missing Years (Used CD)

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John Prine - The Missing Years

Used CD Version

John Prine was a battle-scarred veteran of the '70s "new Dylan" club and a superb craftsman whose modest commercial success found him without a major label deal in the '80s. Prine's solution was to move to Nashville and roll his own, setting up the tiny Oh Boy imprint and making records he wanted to hear, a survival game that paid off handsomely with this 1991 set, produced by Heartbreaker bassist Howie Epstein and boasting cameos from Phil Everly, Divinyls' Christina Amphlett, Tom Petty, old pal Bonnie Raitt, and another "new Dylan" alum, Bruce Springsteen. But it's Prine himself who holds your attention here, with his reliably fine songs mixing droll, dead-on narratives of recognizable Everymen, sweetly goofy parables, and unvarnished love songs that his craggy drawl inhabits with touching authority