Miles Davis - Double Image, Red Vinyl (LP)

Miles Davis - Double Image, Red Vinyl (LP)

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Miles Davis - Double Image, Red Vinyl

Includes 2 LPs 

Half a century on from its release, shockwaves from Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew continue to reverberate throughout the universe. Leading more than a dozen all-stars in the studio (including Wayne Shorter on soprano sax, John McLaughlin on electric guitar and a triple-threat electric piano section featuring Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea and Larry Young), Miles defied all conventional styles, joining the loose ends of jazz, rock and funk into a groundbreaking new sound that would eventually become known quite plainly as fusion. This double album, featuring ten embryonic recordings which paved the way for the final album, is issued for the first time as a standalone release on opaque red vinyl for Record Store Day 2020.


LP 1 / Side A “1. Yaphet” 2. “Corrado”
LP 1 / Side B “1. The Little Blue Frog (master)” 2. “The Big Green Serpent” 3. “Trevere” 4. “The Little Blue Frog (alternate take)”

LP 2 / Side A “1. Double Image (first version)” 2. “Feio”
LP 2 / Side B “1. Recollection” 2. “Take It Or Leave It”