N.E.R.D - Nothing (LP)

N.E.R.D - Nothing (LP)

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N.E.R.D - Nothing 

Includes 2 LPs 

Double vinyl LP pressing. In honor of it's tenth anniversary, Urban Legends, is reissuing Nothing, the fourth studio album from N.E.R.D. The albums concept was to create a time capsule about America's divisions, "so that ten years from now people remember that era." Sonically the album was inspired by the late sixty's and early seventy's and features production from Daft Punk, and The Neptunes.


Side 1- 

1. Party People (feat. T.I.) 

2. Hypnotize U 

3. Help Me 

Side 2- 

4. Victory 

5. Perfect Defect 

6. I've Seen the Light (Interlude) Inside of Cloudes 

7. God Bless Us All 

Side 3- 

8. Life as a Fish 

9. Nothing on You 

10. Hot-N-Fun (feat. Nelly Furtado) 

11. It's In the Air 

Side 4- 

12. Sacred Temple 

13. I Wanna Jam 

14. The Man