Pretenders - Hate For Sale (CD)

Pretenders - Hate For Sale (CD)

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Pretenders - Hate For Sale

CD Version

2020 release. Hate for Sale is the eleventh studio album by English-American rock band The Pretenders. Includes "The Buzz", "You Can't Hurt A Fool", and the title track. Hate for Sale is the first Pretenders album since 2002's Loose Screw to feature original drummer Martin Chambers, who was absent on Break Up the Concrete and Alone


  • 1 Hate for Sale
  • 2 The Buzz
  • 3 Lightning Man
  • 4 Turf Accountant Daddy
  • 5 You Can't Hurt a Fool
  • 6 I Didn't Know When to Stop
  • 7 Maybe Love Is in NYC
  • 8 Junkie Walk
  • 9 Didn't Want to Be This Lonely
  • 10 Crying in Public