Ride - Clouds in the Mirror (LP)

Ride - Clouds in the Mirror (LP)

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Ride - Clouds in the Mirror 

(This Is Not A Safe Place reimagined by Petr Aleksander)

LP Version

2020 release. Ride handed the entirety of their highly acclaimed sixth studio album, This Is Not A Safe Place, to mysterious London act, Pêtr Aleksänder, who stripped the songs back to just the band's vocals and added their customarily beautiful string arrangements, keys and synth textures beneath them. The results take Ride deep into the neo-classical / ambient territory that a couple of the remixes of their previous album hinted at. These new 'reimaginings' will appeal to fans of those musical styles, as well as those who consider themselves a part of The Ride fanbase.


1. Ride

2. Future Love

3. Repetition

4. Kill Switch

5. Clouds of Sant Marie

6. Eternal Recurrence

7. Fifteen Minutes

8. Jump Jet

9. Dial Up

10. End Game

11. Shadows Behind The Sun

12. In This Room