The Buttertones - Gravedigging (CD)

The Buttertones - Gravedigging (CD)

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The Buttertones - Gravedigging

CD Version

Gravedigging is the most collaborative of the band's albums, with songwriting and vocals from guitarist Dakota Böttcher on 'I Ran Away'.  It has been described as 'refreshing and innovative', 'stylish, dark, and a lot of fun', and as 'more of a series of cinematic vignettes than anything else...As each song has its own micro-theme, Araiza's voice seems to adopt a character to suit each song's story.

  1. Pistol Whip
  2. Sadie’s A Sadist
  3. Neon Cowboy
  4. Two-Headed Shark
  5. Matador
  6. I Ran Away
  7. Moroccan Monsoon
  8. Geisha’s Gaze
  9. Ghost Safari
  10. A Tear For Rosie
  11. Gravediggin’