The Buttertones - Midnight In A Moonless Dream (CD)

The Buttertones - Midnight In A Moonless Dream (CD)

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The Buttertones - Midnight In A Moonless Dream

CD Version

Midnight In a Moonless Dream, is in part a reaffirmation of their combined strengths and also a well-considered step forward.

It makes clear that the band are eager to start building something more on the base they've established. The album, in fact, was originally only intended to be a stopgap EP. Recorded in two sessions with producer/engineer Jonny Bell (who had previously handled Gravedigging) at Jazzcats studios in Long Beach, the planned track list of six songs had nearly doubled when all was said and done. The band went on an unexpected roll, and Bell subsequently captured performances that project that increased assuredness.

The Buttertones aren't pulling their punches of youthful abandon, but they are stepping with a bit more wisened swagger. This is brought to the fore in their live performances, which they carry off with a rough-edged approach to soul revue showmanship. If the group's swerving rock 'n' roll id and besuited student-of-the-art superego suggest that there are two competing sides to the Buttertones, the structure of Midnight in a Moonless Dream almost encourages that idea. It is a 'side A and side B' album that draws out two distinct moods.

  1. At The Dojo
  2. Baby C4
  3. Midnight In A Moonless Dream
  4. Old Nick’s Still Got It
  5. Winks And Smiles
  6. Don’t Cry Alone
  7. Jungle
  8. Darling, I Need Time But I Don’t Really Know Why
  9. You And Your Knife
  10. Brickhead
  11. Eros