The Ghost Inside - The Ghost Inside (CD)

The Ghost Inside - The Ghost Inside (CD)

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The Ghost Inside - The Ghost Inside

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2020 release. The Ghost Inside is a Los Angeles-based hardcore band. They began as a group of friends in El Segundo, CA united by their shared passion for bands in the hardcore scene. The group stands for authenticity, dedication, perseverance and the most literal adherence to the core values behind their craft. Sonically, the group places equal emphasis on deeply personal vocals, urgent riffing and pile-driving breakdowns within the framework of their heavily melodic modern hardcore.


  • 1 1333
  • 2 Still Alive
  • 3 The Outcast
  • 4 Pressure Point
  • 5 Overexposure
  • 6 Make or Break
  • 7 Unseen
  • 8 One Choice
  • 9 Phoenix Rise
  • 10 Begin Again
  • 11 Aftermath