The Road To Hong Kong (Used DVD)

The Road To Hong Kong (Used DVD)

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The Road To Hong Kong

Used DVD Version

Not rated

91 minute run time

Crosby and Hope made a return to the Silver Screen in this the last of the Road pictures. When their vaudeville act hits the skids, Harry Turner (Bing Crosby) and Chester Babcock (Bob Hope) move on to their next scheme. They set out to become sophisticated confidence men. There's only one problem; Chester is having memory issues. With the aid of a miracle drug, Chester's memory is restored which is not necessarily a good thing. When Chester accidentally memorizes a top-secret formula, the boys find some very unwanted company, as well as wanted company in the form of Diane (Joan Collins, TV's Dynasty), an alluring spy. The Road to Hong Kong, directed by Norman Panama (The Court Jester), also features Peter Sellers in a scene-stealing cameo, Robert Morley and a special appearance by Road pictures veteran, the beautiful & glamorous Dorothy Lamour.