The Turning: Kate's Diary - Soundtrack (LP)

The Turning: Kate's Diary - Soundtrack (LP)

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The Turning: Kate's Diary - Soundtrack

LP Version 

This RSD 2020-exclusive EP features music created for the 2020 horror/mystery film The Turning, directed bu Floria Sigsmondi. Only one song here (from The Aubreys, a band featuring Finn Wolfhard, who also stars in the film) is on the official soundtrack, and this EP features inspired tracks from Courtney Love, Empress Of, and a never-before-released song collaboration from David Bowie and Kristeen Young.


Side A: 
1. Kristeen Young (feat. David Bowie) "American Landfill: 

2. Lawrence Rothman (feat. SASAMI) "Take It to the Grave" 

3. Aubreys "Getting Better (Otherwise)  


Side B: 

4. Courtney Love "Mother (Acoustic)" 

5. Empress Of "Call Me (Acoustic)"  

6. Dani Miller of Surbort "Psychic Surgery"