Are all of these items In Stock?

Yes! No bait and switch here.  All items prior to being listed are pulled from the floor of the store and dedicated to The Online Shop so that your Blue Vinyl Morrisey record does not skip to Big Lous hands while he is shopping at Rhino. The online shop also counts better than us so out of stock is out of stock.


Where does my order ship from and how long man?

Everything ships from the Rhino Records Store in Claremont, Southern California. No portal within a box that’s masquerading as a store while really just being an arm of Engulf & Devour. Most orders will ship within 48 hours even during pandemics. Shipping times during Earthquakes, Sharknados, or The Apocalypse may vary.


What are the shipping rates?

Shipping on ANY amount of items is a FLAT 3 Dollars across the USA.

Pre-Orders are the exception as they will ship for FREE because we appreciate your advance payment in these times.

International Customers please emails us for shipping quotes on anything you desire.


This selection is not as big as the real stores…Why?

Totally different experience. NOTHING replicates going into a good record store or book store and spending time dreaming and shopping. Nothing EVER will. Think of this as an “amuse bouche” in a great meal, the first sip of anything you drink or the first inhale of anything you smoke: a gentle kiss from your favorite superhero.  The Rhino Store is a small selection of New Releases and Featured Catalog and only one part of this crazy diamond. We promise it will be both interesting, exciting, and ever-changing.


But I want other things?

No problem. You can contact us directly and the whole store and more is at your disposal. You can email us at rhinostore@rhinorecords.cc, and talk to us by phone at (909) 626-7774 and get real people (no robots here) who have spent their lives filling their heads with music, movies, and literature when we probably should have been doing other things....


What, no music genres? 

Musical genres and sections are just so old these days. It's 2020 and all music is influenced by music and sounds from all over the world. Modern jazz floats with electronica and hip hop while progressive rock meets death metal and ambient; modern alternative looks back to yacht rock, and modern cannibal pop eats everything thinking it’s the leader…. It's an A to Z world here with open borders and we are sure you will find your way.


BUT why do the stores have Music Sections?

Correct!  We are dinosaurs and proud of it! We were around when punk was born and GLAM Rock came over from the UK and landed on The Sunset Strip and Razzle died for your sins!. The stores have earned the right to be old and set in their ways and to endlessly argue whether The Ramones are rock or punk, or why Genesis is not in the PROG section, and when EXACTLY did Nick Cave become whiney and move from Goth to Rock? 2 different versions of the same egg grasshopper.


What is the condition of your used items?

Very good to excellent. No cracked cases.  We are very picky.


When will the used items get better?

Whenever the world starts back up! Downtown Claremont is currently a sad place. Rhino is like The Overlook Hotel from the Shining and Downtown Claremont is as deserted as any scene in The Omega Man. We get our used pieces from you, our customers, and without you… oh The Circle Of Life! (Disney Tear)


Pre-Orders and Collectables?

Our Pre-Order Section for LTD and Exciting New Releases is up and going. You will find it by tabbing down on New Releases. This guarantees you a copy of that item upon its release. Collectables will be coming in early May and will feature mostly Rare Vinyl and Films from around the world. It will be located by tabbing down on Used.


What is Westworld really about?

Fork if I know! But every episode is so beautifully shot with dialogue from real screenwriters and music that looks back and moves forward! These robots are complex and nuanced and make me go yum! Lets just hope we all make it to 2050.